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Welcome to BATS and CATS and RATS. Here are some amateur radio-related links that might interest you. The xATS systems focus on high-density digital data, video and telephone communications via amateur radio using all of those federally-allocated standard-carrier frequencies from DC to light!

There are many connectors to the xATS services. Since we are Amateur Radio oriented, the users are mostly other amateur radio groups and clubs, and assorted disaster services. Some of these impressive xATS users, and other impressive users, are listed below. Also included are some Amateur Radio related information services and some specialized non-Amateur Radio services which may interest you.

Last updates made May 20, 2022

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Amateur Radio Licensing

Check out the ARRL Exam Search, the clubs in the Clubs section, and VEs in the Other Organizations section of this page for exam schedules and other details.

General Information

Some Practice Exam Pages

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Club/Group Zone

Listed alphabetically by callsign suffix

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Other Organizations

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911 Zone

State Agencies

Federal Agencies

Private and Auxiliary Agencies

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411 Zone

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Commercial Zone

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DX Zone

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